Winter Services

We offer 24hr services from November 1st through May 1st to provide you with a level of service that was once thought to be gone.
Do you need one time service or a season long contract? We have you covered no matter what mother nature wants to throw at us!
  1. Magic Salt
    Magic Salt
    We have used Magic salt for going on four years now and will continue far into the future. Safer, we use 30% less over regular rock salt resulting in less environmental impact while providing superior results.
    Team Thompson Services
  2. NO salt NO problem
    NO salt NO problem
    This client lives on water in Auburn, Maine and needed his driveway keep clear. But insisted we didn't use any chemicals due to run off. No problem, we have kept this driveway clear for 3 years now.
    Team Thompson Services
  3. Snow Blowing
    Snow Blowing
    This service is offered for paved or concrete driveways and walk only. one time, on call, or seasonal
    Team Thompson Services
  4. Snow Plowing
    Snow Plowing
    A clear driveway is the key to insure your family and home remain safe in the winter season. The police, fire department, and all other safety services need to be able to reach you, if you were to ever need them!
    Team Thompson Services
  5. Roof Clearing
    Roof Clearing
    Snow, combined with ice dams is sure to shorten the life of your roof. While a little preventive maintenance will go a long way with helping you get the maximum longevity out of yours.
    Team Thompson Services
  6. Going South ?
    Going South ?
    We can keep your property maintained and open for emergence situations. we can also offer daily or weekly inspections and alert you and others in case of unexpected situations.
    Team Thompson Services
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